Party Themes

Party Themes


Drama/ Themed Children’s Party Entertainment


This is a Story telling children’s Party.

Party entertainment featuring take away sweets and lasting 1 hour is £130

The children at the party will be visited by the party entertainer and told an epic and interactive tale. The children at the party will then be asked to complete several tasks before accompany the character on an adventure. This adventure will conclude with the discovery of treasure and each child at the party will receive a small selection of sweets. The party themes can be discussed in advance. Balloon modelling can also be included on request.

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Themed Party Ideas

Themed Party A) Fairies and monsters children’s party

This themed party sees Catrina the fairy needs your help! Things have been going missing from her home in the enchanted forest and all her magical creature friends are very upset. In this themed party the party entertainer gets the children at the party to help her find the mystery thief?

Themed Party B) Princesses and superheros children’s party

Another great themed party for boys and girls alike- Invite Cataleena the princess to your party (sister to the famous princess Bell). She will take you on a journey to her beautiful kingdom in a far away land. Can you help her save her friends and retrieve her father the Kings gold?

Themed Party C) Pirates and mermaids children’s party

This themed party see Captain Cat the pirate is in trouble. Her best friend peter pan has been in touch. Mean old Captain Hook has stolen his treasure and kidnapped poor Tinkerbell!! Can you help Captain Cat and her friends defeat Hook and find the hidden treasure??





To book a party entertainer for your child’s party please ring


07761 979245


Slough children’s party entertainer Crazy Cat’s regularly performs nationwide
  • Phone

    07761 979 245

  • Pay Deposit

    Please only send the £40 Deposit once you have a confirmed your party booking
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