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Hi, my name is Cat! I have been entertaining at events and private parties for over 10 years. I specialise in traditional Punch and Judy shows, as well as balloon modelling, magic and general children’s entertainment. I am also a full member of the UK Punch and Judy fellowship, who are dedicated to promoting and preserving the legacy of Mr Punch.

Whatever your occasion, give me a call and I will be happy to have a chat and find the entertainment package which suits you best!




Children’s party entertainment 

  Featuring prizes and lasting 2 hours long costs roughly £180 or 90 minutes £155 or 1 hour £130

This ultimate children’s party entertainment structure is 2 hours long. The time is spent split equally between plenty of ’run around’ party games, balloon modelling and finishing with a comedy magic show. The children’s party games are “non-competitive” (so no-one is ever “out”) and always LOTS of fun. Every child at the party receives a small prize. The balloon modelling tends to start as food is served at half time. After food the children are entertained with a funny magic show. By the time this children’s party has finished each child will leave the party with at least one balloon model and prize.

This party can also include face-painting depending on the amount of children present.


Themed/Drama children’s party entertainment

This is a Story telling children’s Party.

Party entertainment featuring take away sweets and lasting 1 hour is £130

The children at the party will be visited by the party entertainer and told an epic and interactive tale. The children at the party will then be asked to complete several “tasks” before accompaning the character on an adventure. This adventure will conclude with the discovery of treasure and each child at the party will receive a small selection of sweets. The party themes can be discussed in advance. Balloon modelling can also be included on request.

Children’s party entertainment featuring take away sweets and lasting 1 hour is £130


Circus Skills children’s party entertainment

Circus skills workshops (for ages 7 +) lasting  1 hour is £130

In association with Jugglepuppet.com

For older children, why not try a party that is a little different? Cai Lear is a professional trained circus artist.

During the party, guests will be invited to try their hand at juggling, diablo, devil sticks, circus games, catching games and balloon modelling.


Punch and Judy children’s party entertainment

Punch and Judy Show + balloons, face painting or games and lasting 90 minutes is £185

My main profession during the summer is that of a professor of traditional Punch and Judy, so I offer a fully traditional ‘Punch and Judy show’ to attend children’s birthday parties. This children’s party entertainment is often accompanied by either balloon modelling, face painting or games and in total the Punch and Judy children’s party is of between 1 hour and 90 minutes long but can be 2 hours.


Cat also performs traditional Punch and Judy at shows, fetes and funfairs as well as media and film work, please call for a competitive quote.

Punch And Judy

Want a party or event that’s different??

How about having the infamous ‘Punch and Judy’ show in your very own living room??

Our Punch and Judy show will have everyone talking and laughing about it for days!!

Our Punch and Judy puppet show has Mr Punch and all his memorable friends, Mr Punch’s wife Judy, the respectable policeman, that shifty crocodile and many others!!

Punch and Judy Shows

Whether you are seeing your first Punch and Judy puppet show or reminiscing fond childhood memories, the ‘Punch and Judy Show’ is something you will always remember! It is that feisty, devilish little red and yellow man that people can never forget!!

Punch and Judy draws massive crowd

Punch and Judy puppet shows can be a wonderful addition to any party, fete or event and always bring in a large crowd. The Punch and Judy show I perform is highly traditional. I use a full size Punch and Judy booth, attractive traditional wooden Punch and Judy puppets and of course the device used to produce an authentic Mr Punch’s voice.

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